Fundamental Ozone Therapies

August 5,6 2022

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Educational Goals

Understand the science and dental practice applications of ozone gas, Ozonated water and Ozonated oils

Integrate ozone methods and procedures into daily practice

Treat dental infections without toxic side effects

Set up and use of the ozone generator for dental procedures

Elimination of aerosol/biofilm contamination in the dental office

  • What is Ozone Therapy?
  • Why is it safe and effective?
  • How is Dental Ozone produced?
  • What is the history of Ozone Therapy?
  • How and why is Ozone anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic?
  • How does Ozone produce beneficial effects in the human organism?
  • How does the human immune system benefit from Ozone Therapy?
  • How does Dental Ozone therapy affect normal human cell membranes versus pathogen cell membranes?
    • What is the mechanism of action?
    • What is the protocol for patient treatment?
    This treatment is used for:
    • Differential diagnosis of painful maxillary teeth. Is it a sinus or tooth issue?
    • Microbial infections in the nasal, sinus and respiratory tract.
    • Allergic/Inflammatory reactions.
    • What is the mechanism of action?
    • What is the protocol for patient treatment?
    This treatment is used for:
    • TMD and tinnitus
    • Ear pain related to infected teeth
    • Participants set up the ozone unit and treat another participant with nasal insufflation and ear insufflation
    • Review of material presented and questions
    • Treatment of periodontal disease with ozone gas, ozonated water and ozonated oil.
    • Why is ozone gas treatment effective against periodontal disease?
    • How is ozonated water utilized in the treatment of periodontal disease?
    • How is ozonated olive oil used in the treatment of periodontal disease?
    • How are full-arch custom trays utilized for saturation of the gingival tissues and restorations?
    • What protocols are utilized for the arrestment of periodontal disease in patients?
    • Restorative tooth preparation protocol
    • Exposed dentin sensitivity protocol
    • Indirect and direct pulp treatment protocol
    • Pit and fissure protocol
    • Ozonated water and laser protocol
    • Ozone gas protocol
    • Rehabilitation of previous endodontically treated teeth
    • Extraction protocols
    • Implant protocols
    • Osteonecrosis/BRONJ lesion protocols
    • Review all treatment protocols
    • Participant application of protocols
    • Review dosage protocols