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Aug 02

Health care consumers have never been savvier. They have numerous resources about treatments and competing practices at their fingertips. To stand out favorably from the pack, smart practice owners and practitioners are turning “traditional” dentistry on its head. They understand the importance of introducing more comfortable, convenient, precise, and safe techniques and technologies. This commitment […]

Aug 02

At the Center for Advanced Dental Disciplines, we appreciate that it is one thing to become skilled or experienced in a given area of dentistry. Yet, it requires an entirely different level of expertise, knowledge, and demonstrated skill to successfully train other peers, professionals, and leaders in dentistry. From CADD’s home base in Louisville, Kentucky, […]

Mar 14

Drs. Griffin Cole and Robert Harris of the Center for Advanced Dental Disciplines are honored to help dental practitioners across the country learn more about ozone therapy and how this natural and effective treatment can elevate their dental service offerings. Their fundamental courses offer dentists 14 AGD credits with the goal of helping dentists understand […]

Feb 14

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward introducing ozone therapy to your practice and elevating your understanding of this powerful natural healer. At the Center for Advanced Dental Disciplines (CADD), we are early adopters, innovators, and leaders in using dental ozone. Our founders and professional course instructors, Drs Griffin Cole and Robert Harris are privileged […]

Feb 02

Ozone is a natural and powerful “healer” with myriad applications at the dentist’s office. And at the Center for Advanced Dental Disciplines (CADD) in Louisville, Kentucky, we are internationally-recognized authorities in oxygen-ozone healing therapies at the dentist’s office. Led by Drs Griffin Cole and Robert Harris, CADD is excited to impart extensive knowledge of ozone’s […]